17.801 Political Science Scope and Methods

This course is designed to introduce undergraduates to a variety of empirical research methods used by political scientists, making them more sophisticated consumers of empirical research and to prepare them for their independent thesis work. Students work with TAs to collect data online, develop interview guides and conduct mock interviews, among other social science research techniques.

Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017

17.802 Quantitative Research Methods II: Causal Inference

This is the second course in the graduate quantitative methods sequence in the MIT political science department. This course covers a variety of research designs and statistical methods for causal inference, including experiments, matching, regression, panel methods, difference-in-differences, synthetic control methods, instrumental variable estimation, regression discontinuity designs, causal mediation analysis, nonparametric bounds, and sensitivity analysis. Using applications from political science, public policy, economics and sociology, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these methods.

Teaching Assistant, Spring 2016